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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is method for identifying security vulnerabilities by simulating a real attack against your systems.


What is penetration testing?

We use tools and skills identical to those used in Cyber attacks to see how your systems handle a real threat. However, unlike a real attack, the result of our testing is understanding of just how secure your systems are and guidance on how to make it better.

Besides waiting to see if something gets hacked, penetration testing is the only method we know of that can actually prove if your systems are actually vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Who should consider penetration testing?

We provide our services for anyone looking to test, audit, and improve the security of their systems. In our experience that's everyone.

Why choose Cryptic Red?

As small boutique pentesting firm, we have a much closer relationship with our clients than our competitors do. With us you will get know the testers who work on your systems, and they will get to know your organisation. We think this relationship is key to provide strategic advice. This is why our clients keep coming back.

We only employ highly experienced and passionate penetration testers, who have hacked into and help secure everything from cash machines, critical national infrastructure, supermarkets, government, and the largest of financial institutions.  The average Cryptic Red Penetration Tester has a decade or more of experience in his or her field.

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