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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cryptic Red Ltd is the right security consultancy for me?

ll of our security consultants have at between five and eleven years experience and have worked for some of the largest and professional penetration testing firms out there.

We believe this enables us to offer offers a greater level of expertise than our competitors and as a relatively small consultancy we can offer these services at a significantly lower cost.

How much does a security assessment cost?

The cost of a security is almost entirely down to how long it takes to complete the test.

Most penetration testing firms charge at least £1000+VAT a day, with most tests taking between 2 and 10 days of effort.

Cryptic Red has significantly lower overheads than it's competitors and charges a fixed rate of £650+VAT a day.

We also offer a discount for clients booking their first test with us.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment identifies security issues without attempting to actively exploit them.

This process utilities automated scanners more so than other types of testing. This makes vulnerability assessments quick and highly cost effective..

The output of a Vulnerability Assessment is a report detailing a list of security vulnerability identified, with detailed recommendations on how to fix each issue.

How much does a Vulnerability Assessment cost?

Most vulnerability assessments take between one and five days. The exact price will depend on the size of the system being assessed, and whether it accessible remotely or if an onsite visit is required.

What is a Penetration Test?

During a penetration test an attacker attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. This provides better results than the vulnerability assessment as it is easier to identify false positives. Penetration tests can also reveal issues which cannot be picked up by vulnerability assessments, particularly those in bespoke systems.

Penetration tests are suitable for bespoke systems or when a higher level of security and assurance is required.

How much does a Penetration Test cost?

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What is a Red Team Simulated Attack?

A red team exercise seeks not only identify vulnerabilities, but also test an organizations ability to detect and respond to security incidents.

The scope of the test tends to be the entire organisation rather than specifics system.

They best suit organisations that already have the technology and procedures in place to detect and respond to attacks, who are looking to improve or verify their capabilities.

How much does a Red Team Simulated attack cost?

Redteam simulated attacks require an extensive amount of time to plan and execute. Each test is different but client should expect at to pay at least £24,000.

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